Erizonian Hills

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This is your Journey.
The Erizonian Hills are your playground.
Find your way, find your way.
You will pay, four five ten eight

-Voted 'Most interactive game of all time' by time magazine
-Perfect engine
-Optimised for 4 systems: Muhammac, Computers, Jennifer Lopez
-Openly cool
-Totally suitable for performances because of endless interaction
-Okay for epileptics
-Banned in swizerland for not containing jackets of all sizes

WhOeVeR fInDs ThE sEcReT gEtS a FrEe PiCtUrE oF a RaSpBeRrY(It's not the Muhammad poster)

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An event


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hahahahahaa Muhammac hahahaha


Merry Christmas Wertpol

Here is one for the Wertpol that brought us a couple gorgeous series and a resilient tude of the never give up factor. Your stuff is overly ambitious and astonishes us an has a hand made touch that is easily dissolved and yeah, I played this one, it's a new venue and liked it . The muhammac computer touch is nice.

But I mremeber reaching the top of the mountain and it was agood thing, some sort of maze and falling into middle voids and secrets that were of interesting, this was a good little getaway.

Here it is, the most flawed one, but I kind of lost the original and this one was a bum save. Regardless ignoring the unacceptable file size, here is your chistmas card I present. Have a wonderful sochelnik

guifg000.swf2.12 MB
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Aww, thanks a lot! It's so

Aww, thanks a lot! It's so nice of you to make these for people lol

I'll never understand how you manage to always leave long comments and stuff everywhere...