Continarian Hills

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You find yourself trapped in another world.
Vast landscapes. The Continarian Hills are your salvation.
Seek the path, seek the path.
Solve the math, seven two eight nine

-Amazing continuation to 'Erizonian Hills'
-Has an elevator
-That works most of the time
-Be careful
-Find secrets
-'Absolutely stunning' - Jennifer Lopez
-'Better than Dear Esther I guess' - Prolific manual labourer

WhOeVeR fInDs ThE tWo SeCrEtS gEtS a FrEe PiCtUrE oF a SkIn CaRe PrOdUcT(Muhammad isn't one of them)

Made For: 
An event


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can you tell me what engine

can you tell me what engine it is made with?

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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Unity.It says so right at

It says so right at the start lol.
I made the terrain in SketchUp though.

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Hey Wertpol, I haven't played either of your Hills games yet (though I'm going to set up a stream in a moment, but the screenshots sure do look inviting.

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It's probably not really

It's probably not really well suited for what you wanted to do with them since they're basically just static environments that you can walk around in, since I have no idea how to do anything else in unity.
All there is to do really is to reach the end immediately and then spend forever trying to find secrets that really aren't worth finding.
Sorry about that. :D

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That sounds perfectly

That sounds perfectly suitable to me!

(If you want to watch me goof about in them I'm about to start (in about 5 minutes:

Hey, is this part of the Performance space Event?

I'm just curious because I don't think I have unity installed outside this gt dot exe. Also I see 3 revisions. Is this the best revision of the three? Remember that if you fill in the log file, posterity gets documented and people will uhh, remember the joy that has advanced its stages. It may be hard, but it's 10 times the ugg.

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I don't know why, but with

I don't know why, but with these unity games I always end up with stuff that just annoys me too much to not fix it, and so I reuploaded the game again after like 5 minutes to fix some vertical mouse movement restriction it had previously. It annoyed me.

And yeh, it was gonna be part of that event and kind of is, but again I don't really think it fits too well..

Great job Wertpol


Great job Wertpol, complex multi-dimension coding.
I fell off the platform into another dimesion. that was fun.

It may be a good idea to add a quit button to avoid having to
re-boot when done.
What song was that ? sounds great, adds a lot of drama - good choice.

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Lol I didn't code anything,

Lol I didn't code anything, it was just a default unity engine example thing....
If I knew how to I would have added respawning and quitting the game too lol.
The song was the theme of Myst 3.

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Hey ('Unity 3D: scripts and other tips' thread)