Magnificent Planet


You are having a good time reading this website when suddenly the urge overcomes you to venture towards a MAGNIFICENT PLANET. The urge cannot be quelled, you hear a voice deep inside your brain... "move with the arrows"... where does it come from? Who knows, however it is clear that you have been waiting for it your entire life unit. By vigourous manipulation of the computer you are able to crunch the link and start the process. Beads of sweat roll down your face as you have done this. "Well, there's no going back now," you think, grimly, as you watch the download counter fill up, "I've made my decisions, I did what was right, and now, god help me, I find myself sucked in, towards the vortex of a... MAGNIFICENT PLANET!"

Compatible with Windows. 24 hour game.

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Awesome.. This one's on the earth.

I'd better click it now before it gets replaced by the 404 error box that inspires us all to recycle and save ourselves from ourselves.

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Exceptional. I'm a big fan

Exceptional. I'm a big fan of the JPEG compression. I think I will try to make a similar game.

Made in 24 hours... was it done for any event?

no, i was unoccupied, and

no, i was unoccupied, and bored, but that's hardly an event, for me.............

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Exploration game jam? That

Exploration game jam? That actually sounds like a fun idea.

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Pretty cool. Not sure if I

Pretty cool.
Not sure if I explored everywhere but I saw a lot of stuff, and got the ending.
Also the ufo laser beams didn't seem to do anything.

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This game caused me to

This game caused me to completely re-examine my feelings about snakes.

Looooove thiiiis. In general I am very excited that you are posting games here, but I particularly enjoyed this one! I really like that many of the screens kind of have an intended order but there's nothing mechanically that even suggests what order you should visit them in.

i didn't like the screen

i didn't like the screen that said "well, shit" i liked the other screens though

midi lag

Not sure if it's intentional that you want the lag between each level But I think clicking play samples through frames fixes it and you can have the event at always "is a specific music not playing" "play music" and have it lag less between each frame.. But regardless, if it's your intention to give each frame a small loading curve/buffer then more power to you.

I did have a lot of fun playing it regardless, and wandering in it was very cool I like how not all the frames are strictly linked. I did get lost getting around. And the snake land was wonderful.

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It looks like it's not

It looks like it's not switching frames until you let go of the arrow key. Weird.