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I like this one a lot. I

I like this one a lot. I think further dream games could be pretty cool.

A side note: I have some issues with text being cut off, which you can see in the attached screenshot. I used to think this was a quirk resulting from moving games from KNP to other Clickteam products, but now I wonder if it's because I have Windows' font size set to 120 DPI rather than the default 96 DPI.

A screenshot from Glory Days Of The Free Press is also included, showcasing the missing font used in the top left. This one actually is a universal issue and will probably render as Arial on any system missing the font you used.

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Since Klik uses the Windows

Since Klik uses the Windows font rendering subsystem I imagine whatever is responsible for drawing the text is obeying the Windows DPI setting you have. As for Klik & Play, I guess the Win16 backward compatibility is just using the standard DPI?

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Since I'm on 64-bit Windows

Since I'm on 64-bit Windows I can't open KNP games natively, so usually I just play them through TGF. Hence my previous assumption that that was the cause of the issue!

P.S. You sure go through usernames faster than [insert witty allegory here]

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I decided that "Dattorz"

I decided that "Dattorz" made me sound too "l33t hax0r" when I was aiming for something more along the lines of geeky/cutesy, hence the change.

Ack! I use Courier as a font

Ack! I use Courier as a font which I assumed was universal to Windows. The games are made in MMF2 if that makes a difference.

I hope to make more games from my dopey dreams since I like how this one turned out too.

Ah yes

I have this problem too as text cuts off for me. I've been very careful to add a much bigger window on one of my games because I run into this issue so much... another way to dodge the issue is to right click it and make an active object from the text. Then of course paragraphs don't work, but yeah, I usually give my things lots of text space. for emphasis. But making your text an active object has a side effect of making you want the text do do active object type things too so keep that in mind. I'm glad we share the same font resolution sergio