MUHAMMAD 6 The verwourren Brothers

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Some years after the "big split", the event where Muhammad III and Gigigenn went into a seperate timeline to live a wonderful live without evil creatures, Muhammad III's son Muhammad IV finds a mysterious cave and tells his brother Muhammad V to follow him. In the cave, they find a mystical spirit that transforms Muhammad IV into an evil Muhammad. Now Muhammad V and his friend Monkey Muhammad go to find the mad Muhammad IV and make him good again.

-Finally there really are some changes in the Muhammad formula
-At least 1Powerup
-8 magical ancient Muhammad statues perfectly hidden throughout the adventure
-No more savestates!
-No more fun!
-Harder than Muhammad 4
-Harder than Muhammad 5
-Monkey Muhammad poops explosive eggs

Here are some quotes from Muhammad fans all over the world who didn't want the Muhammad series to stop:

Speedy Gonzales: I don't want the Muhammad series to stop because it is oh so very fine.
Bc_: How is eating in A badly named box, Supposed to endanger a dark-brown fox?

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But what a different flow. I like that you don't start completely over.. and i do like that the music continues to flow through. The learning curve is chaotic but you slowly figure out what is going on as it goes.. absolutely lost during the conversation engine, but figured it out. got stuck on the snowball cloud thing. Thanks for the tag. Might have to jump back in and attempt to finish it again, but this one is TOUCH.. Nice prop on the carnival theme, my favorite time from that game. And wow, fireworks and stuff... Backgrounds look blotched on their just enough to be tacky, but detailed and freeform just enough to be beautiful. Solid work. Continue the series if you want. If only drblowhole were still here to see this. These, these were his favorite. He's probably still around though, being a real doctor. Way to go getting to SIX. That's diplomatic status there.

Edit: braved on a bit.. the snow level ahd the most awesome surprise with the spoiler in the spoiler shooting spoilers and i laughed. The boss level was wow, and wow near impossible..

I see the formula change coming in effect, it's a good change.. not sure what the alternate first outfit does, as i discovered it did something after the boss, i tried to use it... and then i did a super jump near the top of the board and ran into a glitch of eternal jumping.... even the second player was stuck infinite jumping and being stuck at the beginning of the stage. I'll resume another time, but I presume a glitch where you can only restart the game means it was a happy ending after all. Had a couple issues with the hands getting stuck in the levels too. It was entertaining and I'm sure I'm missing out on so much more.

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I love you and your

I love you and your feedback. You're writing 27 lines about a game as stupid as Muhammad and it makes me happy :*

The "alternate outfit" is a powerup. If you press space while jumping, you perform a hover jump and I never got any glitches with that...

Anyways thanks for your lovely feedback, Muhammad is proud of you.