Octopus Decision



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That's some serious diety choice

right in the beginning, right at the screenshot. So much fun, and the visuals just pop out. I'm sure you've heard it all before, but I was perplexed and confused at this one at hte suggested twists and turns here but yeah, I'll just say thank you for posting it where it can be seen. I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe it's just the overall wealth of being surrounded by underwater visuals without getting wet. Maybe because it's the opposite of the way we all live, as surrounded by water instead of ar... That we float instead of walk. I don't know these answers, but I'm enjoying it. The bounce reflex and acceleration was a bit tough and slowpaced, but I can't complain considering i'm underwater and tryin to not open my mouth to allow the water in. It feels a little raw but relaistic. And yeah, thumbs/bangs/stars/+s up

Soundtrack by Goblin! Man I

Soundtrack by Goblin! Man I wanna play that game.