Happy Birthday to You: a Knytt Story to be played on one's borthday

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Happy Birthday to You is a game I was meaning to submit to the big Birthday Trainwreck Jam but didn't finish until quite recently. I was checking out some of my unfinished Knytt levels and realized my birthday was coming up soon, so I made the three screens it needed to be done, did some spit and polish, and voila! I consider the starting screens to be some of my best work, so much so I picked a screenshot from a later point in the level so as not to ruin the surprise. Somehow contains two endings despite being short as hell. Enjoy!

Healy - Happy Birthday to You.knytt_.zip2.13 MB


How noble.

Posting a level of this polish to a little hideaway here and not a game in the left side and not in the event it was started for. It's quite a nice level, and I can't say enough praise of it to cover the allotted time it probably took to make it. But you've sticked up the knightt stories backup and there's not much else to say but you know what you're doing and can craft the level just right. daggunubueang, looking at the description now it makes it all click but the way you've set it is it could be for anybody. I didn't even know there were multiple ending possibilities.. You've got some serious potential started and finished here. I've definitely grown an attachment to the ambience of the levels and really should try some of my own.