Chip Paths

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The rules in Chip's Challenge are quite simple, yet with a little creative application you can do interesting things. especially with regards to layering.

This is basically just another one of those "visit every square only once" type games. The set has six levels, the last one being a "boss" level. Also note that the exit square is indeed there - it's just hidden underneath the cosmic chip socket.

Installation: Place the .dat file in your Tile World "data" folder, and the .dac file in "sets".

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Oooh, interesting re-use of

Oooh, interesting re-use of CC rules :) Fun lil puzzles! I especially like the mix up you do in level 5. Level 6 is quite a fiesty challenge... interesting re-implementation of the time limit ;) I don't understand the point of the red button though? I saw what it did, but I didn't notice what effect that is supposed to have.

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I was intending for

I was intending for something where the paths would kind of intersect yet hint at the intended path through the level, but I also wanted to have the glider bounce off the chips you haven't collected yet so it could keep chasing you. Of course when I was testing this and traveling south down that one path, the glider turned left and headed east when I wanted it to go west. So I basically devised a crutch solution. "Hmm, what if there were a way for me to create a wall mid-level so that I can bounce the glider in the proper direction? Oh, I know, I'll just use a block clone machine!"

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I won? not bad! I pretty much went through every level the first try cept the last one and the third last.. the third last i found to be really really ard. I thought the learning curve for the last one was an impossibles, but it's clearly not, and this is excellent level making. It may be belated, but top notch detective work. It was very rewarding getting through this one.