Fourth Anniversary Grumper

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Challenge some of the hardest Grumper levels yet! This Dattorz Fourth Anniversary Edition brings you four all-new levels, with new themes and music, plus a fourth toggle block color!

To improve accessibility, two styles of air control are available to you. Additionally, if you find these levels too difficult, you can activate Cheese Mode which allows you to place a checkpoint anywhere there's solid ground - just type JELLOGUT before picking your level.

Music credits:
necros - Point of Departure
Morgan - Children of Llyr
Morgan - Fallen Angel
Elwood - Experience

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Wow, these levels are

Wow, these levels are intense... I haven't been able to beat any yet, but the tunes make me want to keep playing :) The 4th level graphics are a rad mix up, too.

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The cheese-mode is great

Ok. Yeah, Cheese-mode is awesome. This was way too demanding for me to even be able to get to the bottom right corner of the screen in the first level. But with Cheese-mode, I was eventually able to complete the first level and see all the clever ways the switches path my obstacles. I really enjoy this with cheese-mode. I can begin to appreciate the craft involved with it activated.