Hangman SE (Special Edition) [or: The Hanging Man - A Game Worth Playing]

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Zoom! Enhance!

Made in Visual Basic 2012 6.0. Windows only, unless you're a magician!! :)

2018 Extra Notes: Not much to add here. T'was a mandatory part of the college course I was on at the time to make this and somehow I managed to convince my tutor to let this pass, since it technically met all the requirements. Never said it had to look good, y'know~ Anyway this is pretty much just one joke and it's not that great. I never touched Visual Basic again after this.

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Holy cow nano

1) Good avatar dang, it's cute
2) What a game!! As somebody who had to use visual basic in the past this is a great work, you reach high heights and keep on going.

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1) yeah searching for

1) yeah searching for "computer clip art" can lead you to new heights
2) its barely a game and its really fucking easy to do this sort of thing lmfao
the course that im donig this for isnt even game dev so hahahah

it was literally just something that allowed me to be creative but even after showing tutor dude it he still wanted me to do it properly but i managed to let him let me move on from it

because i hate visual basic to the core