Cyborg Mountain

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cyborg mountain.png
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Solve the mystery of Cyborg Mountain.

You can press Return to restart the scene.

Juliette Porée
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I found some bald guy wearing a vest. Did I solve the mystery?

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Very exciting screenshot.

Very exciting screenshot.

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Nice :) I didn't even know

Nice :)
I didn't even know you could go out through the window. Exciting stuff!

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There are still secrets to

There are still secrets to be found....... on Cyborg Mountain......!

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Did you use Unity's terrain thing to make this, by the way? I started playing with it the other day and have been having lots of fun with it.

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re: Terrain

Nope, I think I made the terrain in Blender. I didn't know about Unity's terrain thing, I'll give it a try!