Pipes Generator 2013 v0.5

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Made a program that generates random layouts of unicode pipe characters and displays them in semi-random colours!! It has a lot of controls for the user to play around with, to more fine tune what they want to see.


R - reset to defaults

`1234567890 - toggle various pipe characters for display
~!@#$%^&*() - select only the pipe character, corresponding to the above keys (so you can learn what each one is!)
SPACE - toggles space character
TAB - toggles 4 * space characters
ENTER - toggles end to line space characters
BACKSPACE - clear all chars to be printed

- and + - decrease and increase automatic sceen refreshing times (goes from 0.1 seconds to 60 seconds on a scale)
P - pause/unpause the program completely
A - turn on/off automatic screen refreshing
G - generate a new screen immediately (can be slow with a large screen)

C - go through preset colour modes
ARROW KEYS - resize the window (can't be held down... yet)
F - toggle fullscreen mode (window resizing is awful in this mode :x)

S - save the current screen to an image (saved in /screenshots as a png file with a timestamp filename)
W - randomly select most any of the above options
ESCAPE - end the program

NOTE that most of the above keys can be held down to be rapidly used, including saving!

If you encounter any errors and crashes, post the resultant txt file here please! And feel free to share any layout screenshots you like :)

For those interested, the python source of a later version is available here! Coded in Python 2, using the Pygame and Pygcurse libraries (included as a file- a bit edited by me ;)).

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aww yeah

that's some real grove street style now.. there was some unknown exception 0x0000015 at 0x1e059e7d at some point. I was hittin buttons and tryint to get it to show pipes to me but you knw how it is.. I waas trippin out at hte pretty colours the whole time I didn't know what i was doin, and I read the directions. I got that error for my efforst.. i iearaeareand it.

What was that timmy? you you want ia a terror tack dull soup fin? don't do that!

anyways I was so psyched up from the visuals and changing colors and resizing the window that can't be held down that I was resizin like crazy shootin grapes and berries and there were some mearry go rounds that larry was stuck on. It was insulting to him that he couldn't git off but he was a candle hoss so it's like who cares right/ well he did so he hid before someone else bid on the grid.

But yeah BAM i'm gonna try again later and check it out. Wow I just looked up lots of red underlines im gonna keep em though wow they're priceless try to find them all folks.

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dang thanks for the review

I got no clue what's up with that error... if you could find out what caused it exactly, that'd probably be nice, but I dunno if it's something most people can reach. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!! I haven't worked on it that much, but when I have more in it I will update the post here.

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my new wallpaper

my new wallpaper

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Glad you liked it so much :)

Glad you liked it so much :) If yur looking forward to updates btw, sorry I've been so slow on it... so many projects taking up my time, and weird barriers to progress on this!

Not a bad choice.

It's like going to the quilt lantern horror scopes. It's really important and stuff. And it gives you a holiday themed greeting card as thanks for the wallpapers... If yhou have any copies you can use it as an envelope paper too, but that might be going too far in this case. ENJOY. There are people walking around with candy canes .. Why don't they just get real canes and simply print stripes on them? OVER AND OUT.

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