You Have to Put the Juni in the Machine

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Healy has a habit of uploading games for us on her birthday here, but I've turned the tables on her! As far as I can tell she hasn't seen this Knytt Stories level yet, but I figured there might be other people here interested in checking it out.

Sergio Cornaga - You Have to Put the Juni.knytt.bin286.48 KB


Okay yeah this one's hard to notice, all incognito

but I noticed it and was always glad to see a knightt stories level... naturally after going west from the screenshot i wanted to continue on but couldn't ascend.

is this the end? I can understand if it is. you try not to be surprised or decide why. i'd like to know if there's something else i'm missing on here, or if maybe the message is you can't quite get to the new ledge after that and well.. that's that and can be that.

That aside, if there's more I can really appreciate the fact that you and other have kept on this medium. I'm not sure if it's at or past its peak, but it is very warming to the heart and soul that someone takes the time to make these, and they're done precise, with planning and though, and I as someone who hasn't taken the time to discover the editor, has been given the chance to check these out. About every one of them I've played as a sample I've been happy with, and as a general feeling I feel privileged to get a chance to play them. I know what it's like to take an addon/level seriously and have been doing it with a certain level editor for 18 years now, on and off of course. So yeah, thank you for this release. It's much appreciated and as a you + knightt stories add-on, always an anticipation. -b

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I only just realised that

I only just realised that posting this as a blog entry probably means it can't be played through GLORIOUSTRAINWRECKS.EXE, so sorry about that.

That ledge is reachable, and a proper ending follows shortly after. There are some issues with collision in my tileset, a few jumps fail without clear reason roughly 2 out of 3 times, but keep trying! I should probably fix this but I doubt I'll get around to it.

I appreciate the kind words regarding the ongoing Knytt Stories efforts of myself and others. You've helped to quell the voice in my head saying that the time I want to devote to Knytt Stories levels can't be justified due to a seemingly dwindling fanbase, the lack of other applications for many of the associated skills, and the absence of financial benefit. I think the medium is past its peak; the initial flood of user levels in 2007 has been unmatched since, though egomassive's levels released in 2010 arguably inspired a resurgence of levels emphasising technical quality, polish or focus on narrative. Nonetheless, releases seem much less frequent now, and I anticipate interest levels won't be rekindled until egomassive puts out The Tree of Knowledge, which he's making using his own mod, Knytt Stories Plus.