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Welcome to RUN LIKE HELL, a game made in less than 24 hours for The Arbitrary Gamejam in October 2013.


You are a little soldier running away from the enemy through the desert. Use the ARROW KEYS to move from the bottom to the top. You will face off with ravenous condors, irritated scorpions, malicious archers, and even pointy rocks! Do your best to acquire the achievements (can you figure them out?) and make a nice n' high final score.

Thanks to Brendan for hosting the October gamejam. Anabasis was my inspiration.

RUN LIKE HELL was made with Multimedia Fusion 2.
Background music from the NES games Rush N' Attack and Demon Sword.
Other sound effects created with BFXR.

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Not bad

It's nice that you outputted it to flash. I like your scheme and even the preloader. I've always been wondering how much I can do with the static image preloader, but what you did here works well.

The intro music is good and might be skipped by some. maybe a diversion to keep em on the screen. Directions... pictures of enemies, but otherwise those who stick around will hear it.. I like the caution tape colors, and the scrolling level is nice, it looks pleasant. They coin noise is a bit loud. The noise when you hit the edge is a pleasant surprise. I'm not much of an overachiever but I snagged one of the achievements.

It's a nice little game. I like how the guy hovers through the desert. I think you did good here. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you

Much obliged for the kind comments. I'd been itching to complete a game project, however small, and the gamejam came about at the right time.

I agree that the achievements may be a bit obscure, but it may add some replayability for some gamers. I would have added more details, but I ran out of room on the screen. :) My main focus at the time was finishing the graphics for each of the achievement medallions.

And the music is from two old NES games: Demon Sword (one of my favourites) and Rush n' Attack.

Glad you enjoyed it, BC. :)