Bogey's Report

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well, sometimes things just don't come out as you'd like. i'm sorry ma. i'm sorry da. i'm sorry sam. i'm sorry bogey. sorry. sorry. sorry.

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I like how the screenshot is essentially a sprite sheet, if that's the right word for it. I like the execution of it, the break down of the words, the quick conversations. It seemed to capture the essence of the JRPG pretty well, as short as it was. I also for one feel the same way when thinking of making a new save file for that game as well. It shined pretty well and still has that nice intrinsic feel to it that you come to enjoy when opening up something new for the first time and feeling almost like you understand, and yet it's another world all togther. I also love the way you got Bogey's movements down in the topdown map, so suave and yet not too much. The name's got a lot to live up to, and you've at least started to manage it here. I think that's a good trend, simply post a bunch of random clips as the screen capture and people wait the download trying to figure out how it all goes together. Anyway top notch work. I rather enjoyed what was done here.

i like it

yes i like it
and also the sprite sheet for cover