Bathroom Selfie Psycho Killer


Narcissistic selfie-posting rage is spreading among your facebook friends but BATHROOM SELFIE PSYCHO KILLER could be hiding behind the curtains!!! Watch out!!!

I guess this is spooky enough to go to KotMK#76 but it was not done in 2 hours, not done with K&P, and uploaded after the deadline.

NB: I apologize, the game takes a long time to load! It's only 20 megs but my server is very slow. Will try to reduce the game's size later.

Want to submit your own selfie for inclusion in the game? Send an email at .pierre-at-lilinx-dot-com.

Pierre Chevalier
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Hey, Spooky event games

Hey, Spooky event games don't need to be made in KNP, be on time, nor take only two hours. Mine was none of those, and not really even spooky.

Great game, right from the

Great game, right from the title screen. Had a laugh when I took too long to do something and there was nothing wrong with the picture!


Fun game! Make sure you post it on Facebook so all your Friends can like it. :)

If we find bathroom selfies that we want to see in the game, can we send them to you?


yes sure actually I was thinking about suggesting this on the game's page!


Not the same as a spooky snack hound, but definitely when I saw the username again and the subjects that are different from the comments, I knew "who is this person, i've seen htem before." The concept of modifying images and the way it flows like that is so nicely arranged. I'm not on the networks like I used to be, and have no opinion to say over here on it, but I like the flow of this. The way it dramatically switches up for you as well gradually getting harder, it's really good, polished. Nice way to use stock art or whatever you call it. It is in a way kinda spooky.

When I got the result I wasn't quite aiming for in my head, it didn't denounce the idea at all, just heightened it. I was kinda expecting a bath tub faucet that bored you to death with nursery rhymes that end in OK after every word. There OK was OK once OK enough OK already OK. That'd be enough, for me, but you've excelled and delivered much more. I like the work done. Well executed.