Garlo's Gambit

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garlo is back!

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It's like Garlo never left!

It's like Garlo never left!

i had a good laugh at the ending.

It's better than a bad laugh. I thought this was genuine, as I did feel a little bit lost. The flow is so maniac, but the color elements are so profound.. I almost gave up when i realized some mouse input was involved, for the fun of it, but realized i could continue the quest. I sorta started typing this out before night time and lost the flow of what I was trying to say. Umm. hang on lemme play through it again. Yeah, I can't say I've got anything else of a grasp here, I like the ending and the general flow of the wording though it's hard to grasp a meaning with the diversion of the tune, trying to comprehend that along with the flow of words.. It's a definite check it out, and there are really good qualities in this one.