Mareo Payne

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As is leak, Enjoy, keep demo files in same directory as exe. special thanks to effbee, mno, happygreenfrog, sparckman, liquixcat, jacob, spindleyq, hulkandrew, desheng, oswald, jarzy, ray, drblowhole, snapman, raveradbury, triplefox, yom, afh, chaos, josh, jazzyb666, sergiocornaga, bagofmagicfood, sillystix, erokky, noyb, blueberryhill, lillinx, muhammad, mareo, alex hufeland, jonbro, nuero, commodore, bitbot, linhat, miyu, sprocket for also supportin the event, and more as days go by.

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An event


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Also, I've included a

Also, I've included a prettily-formatted .txt file so that you can refer to the instructions without having them cover up the screen.

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what is this

WHY and HOW i have no idea

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There I made a face too, but I wasn't sure where to reply. I like the updated controls, and I'm working on something or was 3 weeks back and am at another hill, but I intend to do a little bit more work at it when the time is right. Learned more about how surfaces work. and something about dragging bars and things. Thanks for the documentation and general advice about the direction of things. It's a wip I may and could go back to with another gap of time to fix some missing parts and add the color selecting brush and bring about a less "glitchy" eraser. and snag clipboard is potentially possible too.

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Well this is exceptional!

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> >


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* ' ȸ ' *


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