Super Mario Bros.'ed.

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This is my own Super Mario Bros remake, i hope you enjoyed it.

Special thanks to Zorak for the mario sprites.

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An event


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Liked the glitch parts and

Liked the glitch parts and the boss. Kept getting stuck on the side of pipes. Couldn't read the end text with all the distortion (even after installing the font). Needing to quit the game through task manager was more irritating than scary.


Nice, Thanks for putting a game up on , the glitchy effects in 1-3 were great. The boss in 1-2 was good too but how did i get to him. I'm not sure I feel about the ending but I won't give away spoilers. I think the message was from nintendo themself.

Zorak's lib is gorgeous4 and it's amazing he got so much in that one lib. I didn't even know it was more than one page. I died a lot on the boss and don't even know how i passed it, but this was a fun little getaway. Nice scrolling graphics, nice flow alltogether. I was having trouble getting onto the pipes but Mario's nose being a ledge was another good kick to it. Nice goompa sprite. I'll have to go through the amazing lib of zorak again.

This is a throwback to your oldschool files and it's nice. And I was able to get to what was the end. I might dig it up again. Also though R didn't restart the level, I never had any major issues getting stuck in walls. I presume there's howspots on sprites for these kinds of things but I haven't played with the platform object seriously enough times to really know every ordeal about it. I did like how you included a duck to get him out of sticky situations, and what a wonderful duck he did. Also, there was one point i jumped forward and he..., his head, glided through the walls elegantly like he had a parasol like his girl in mario 2? Fun stuff, keep up the good work.

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thanks dude.

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.