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Tumiki Fighters + Gradius = This.

DrBlowhole20 presents you a SHMUP game of 4 hard levels with some heck and crap.

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Had so much fun with this already, and have barely scratched the surface of stage 2.

- very simple controls
- blasting away at stuff is very easy
- the sheer amount of enemies is a superb challenge
- old-skool flavor, including tough, no-frills bosses
- you completely nailed the retro visuals and feel

Well done, DB20! :D

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Thank you!

Thanks. Nowadays i might learn myself making best games in MMF2.
Anyways i used some programs to do stuff of this:
-Famitracker: I don't compose the music for the game, i got loads of FM files from the Famitracker forums and i exported in WAV.
-Spesoft Audio Converter: I use the software to convert in OGG in order to lower the file size of the audio file so the game won't take too much time to load.
-Audacity: I used to record my voice and then i maxed out to +36 dB and saved it as WAV.
-RJDMC: I used this to transform the voice file into a NES DMC sound to sound it like seen in NES video games. You can get it here:
-Bfxr: I used this to make my own sound effects for the game.

I also made this in 3 or 4 hours in all the afternoon to finish this quickly.
This game became a masterpiece too. This might be part of my own game series, Retro Pieces: DrBlowhole20's Retro Vault.
Thank you, let-off-studios.

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