Sea Of Love

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abortive dating sim

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I comprehend this less than

I comprehend this less than any other game I've played of yours, but I enjoyed it a lot.

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It seems like there's

It seems like there's supposed to be explicit win/lose conditions (one of two things can happen during the RPG-ish confrontations), but I can't tell which is supposed to be which. I also can't tell if I'm trying to fight or romance the weird creatures in the cave. Or maybe that's the whole point?

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I took the dinging noises

I took the dinging noises and sprite transformation to be the positive result, with the subsequent depiction of the titular sea of love leaving us to read between the lines. Then again, the inscrutable nature of your actions towards the creatures, and the fact seemingly nothing in the game changes regardless of the result does a lot to obscure meaning.

Judging by the description's use of "abortive", this game might be somewhat unfinished, or perhaps it fails at whatever thecatamites set out to achieve... perhaps this is the key cause of our confusion!

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why did it take this long

why did it take this long for me to find out thecatamites was back on twitter

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My initial interpretation

My initial interpretation was of a bog standard RPG, albeit one that presented a choice between war (bomb icon) and love (banana...??). I don't know why, but I actually took the transformation/waves thing to be the losing sequence, perhaps because it was the first of the two I experienced. I interpreted the waves at the end as loss, as in "lost to the sea" but given that you "die" in the cave this doesn't make a lot of sense. As for the other outcome, you get placed inside the cabin rather than at the game's starting location. For some reason I saw this as a "win", as in the day after romancing you wake up in there or something to venture back into the cave. But upon further examination I might have gotten this backwards.

I searched through the cave and found something that looked like a boss character of sorts (that wiggling skeleton among the pile of other corpses), but everything remained the same apart from the "monster"'s appearance. So clearly I didn't understand the end goal either. At this point I don't think I interpreted this game correctly at all.

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thecatamites, you're a great

thecatamites, you're a great rapid game creator than all of us.

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

This one is really sad, it

This one is really sad, it actually hurts. :(

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Gosh, I'd like to hear your

Gosh, I'd like to hear your interpretation.

Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your interpretations. I wanted to leave this without further clarification but don't like the idea of being purposefully opaque. Sea Of Love is a dating game inspired by the Pokemon series (specifically the areas Power Station, Mewtwo's Ice Dungeon I think I conflated). You walk around the little beach and go into a cave. You meet the animals and can seduce them via fruit. If successful they become "tamed" and sing a song to you. I had originally intended for the "tamed" animals to be added to your house on the beach but was too tired to implement this and also it seemed a bit pat (do we always kill the ones we love?? Can love bloom on the battlefield??). In terms of other content that didn't make it in, the encounter bits were going to be more interesting and also there was an excellent anemonae monster as well… with respect to the pokemon connection, originally this was going to be a more regular cave-based monster dating game but I felt that explicitly conflating romance with navigating a cavern full of leering underground slime monsters was too psychologically revealing and so the dating parts warped into a more general music / battlin' thing.

Also:: it's not a bomb, it's a cherry!!!

It has a wonderful

Serenade like feel to it. I like the choices you get to make in it. It's quite lovely. Elegant. The sea animation is nice. It's brought to life one step at a time. And maybe perhaps a bit short. If it's a scrap though, it's a nice scrap. I figure i'd take the time to express my approval as the others have. great work.