UFO Panic Attack

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Seems surprisingly

Seems surprisingly thematically deep... I wonder how many others this will resonate with...

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I was born in the summer E.T. the Extraterrestrial was released in theatres. The scene where Elliot encounters the hideous little bastard in the cornfield is one of the earliest things I can remember terrifying the living crap out of me. My parents, god bless 'em, used to tell me that one day my real family was going to come and take me back to "the mothership" (actually, they still say this). I was 11 or so when The X-Files started running and aside from an ongoing fixation with Gillian Anderson's mouth it also provided me with the template for many, many years of night terrors and hypnagogic horrors.

I have had more or less the exact nightmare depicted in this game, or variations on it, over and over since childhood. One time even including the tiny ufo flying in through the window. This does a perfect job of capturing that dream-state atmosphere of cheesy cartoon sci-fi absurdity tangled up with absolute paralysed psychic terror. But... is this game real, or just an elaborate hoax? You be the judge.

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Gillian Anderson's mouth is

Gillian Anderson's mouth is great!

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If it's so great, why

If it's so great, why doesn't it have an erotic Twine fangame?