Target Tennis

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I have always liked 2-Player 1 Keyboard style games, so I thought I'd make something kind of cooperative that I could play with a friend or something.

I haven't really ever designed any levels for a game that I've made before, so it's fun doing trial and error sort of situations of what is fun and what is too difficult. I am also wondering how important is difficulty in games in terms of accessibility. I always love a challenge, but for the case of a lot of my friends, they wouldn't be able to stand to play something like this for very long. I guess it's an audience thing.

The concept of this game is that the two players have to keep this ball in volley while hitting targets with the ball without having the ball leave the screen. I thought it would be a fun game to try to coordinate with another player in order to strategically bounce the ball.


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Well, this mainly applies to

Well, this mainly applies to single player games, but from my own experience I've noticed that players tend to have wildly varying skill levels. Rather than treat my original designs as the "one true way" to play my game I decided to add accessibility features such as level skip and physics tweaks. I'd rather have people be able to play through the whole game than have them quit early and not get to see everything I wanted to show because I was too obsessed with making my game challenging.

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Good point. I think level

Good point. I think level selection sounds like the best solution.