Schlendermän Rising

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The slender män has arrived.
He will get you.

-Play with headphones in a dark room
-Contains schlendermän the scäriest of all män
-Like if yu got scäred
-schlender has your father and brother stolen

Made For: 
An event


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where is the like button i cant find it im scared

digging the tags

I was wondering if there is any user input, i've probably had it going for 9 minutes for so. I like the track used, and I can see why it's super ulta mean. I'm surprised I didn't see this earlier. It's great to have a wertpol renaissance and though I have no idea where go from here, I think I like this because I am scared, but I like it. It's a noteworthy addition to things. I think it got lost, hte meaning, but it's a good addition.

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As far as user input goes,

As far as user input goes, you can potentially click on the little x in the corner and have it fly away with a scary noise, but make sure to have someone around to revive you should you have a heart attack.