Game Maker Studio Standard Edition is currently free (as of 11/25/13)

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So here's the deal. If you download the free version of Game Maker RIGHT NOW, and choose to have Beta access when prompted, you'll be able to get the standard edition for free. It'll ask you what version you want to use, and you click Standard and put in your email address. They'll email you a license....yay! I'd been holding out on upgrading because I am the cheapest person alive, but I got it for free so that's nice. $50 saved.

Here's the original link with a little more detail in the directions:

And here's where you can download game maker studio:

Merry, uh, Thankmasween eve

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Nice. I still don't trust

Nice. I still don't trust Game Maker though, so I think I'll pass. For anyone who does decide to get the free standard version, make sure to save frequent backups and avoid editing assets directly inside of Game Maker just in case the DRM breaks again and destroys everyone's projects. I just can't get over this thing.

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Yikes! That is pretty awful.

Yikes! That is pretty awful.

Would make for a pretty good trainwreck game though, ahhaha.