Sleigh Ride

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It's that magical time of year again. Fresh, pure white snow blankets the ground. All the survivors are bundled up warm and piled in a sleigh, singing carols, drinking mulled cider and smashing the heads off frozen zombies that litter the back woods.

Don't let the horses run into any zombies or they'll get spooked. That would ruin a lovely evening of sleigh riding.

Let's Go!

Be Careful. Don't get frostbite.

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mighty expletive

This made my day! Just look at that production value in the description alone, the way it's presented.. it's intense! I don't know how to contain myself looking at this.. It's stuff like this that makes my day. I'm a pushover to the extreme when the holiday themed gaming kicks in. I try to throw some stuff myself. I've made a good 4 or 5 games in my time about dec 25 time and it's always rewarding, but yours, just description hits HARD, man. Like reevaluate your life hard. I'm gonna take my time and really want to play this one but I thought I'd hit you up with a preemptive comment so as to say good job, and thanks for the inspiration, cheer on, steer your sleigh on, and ugg on.


starting screen

I like good games with an awesome christmas painting + nice christmas music playing while you watch the painting before starting the game

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Thank you. I know, it's a

Thank you. I know, it's a niche game market that's underserved ;-)

And it just get better from there

If it isn't enough that the painting wasn't gorgeous and your incorporation of it, WOW, actually playing it, you're in for a treat. No spoilers, I can't kill it for the rest. I can talk about stuff like how I liked the way it scrolled, and sled movement, how it looked like the characters really were bumping around when the direction was changed, and trails? nice touch. You expanded into something quite neat. I hope you're happy with the output as I was. This one's a real treat and you've spoiled us by applying it here for us to see, so thank you for that. cheers.

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Thanks, wasn't expecting such a intense response, glad you liked it. It's just a silly little game idea I threw together in 24 hours with public domain/creative commons art and music.

I'll have to go find those Christmas games of yours and try them out :-).