A Shooter Which Doesn't Commonly Became Easy

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You are in a pointless mission, destroying 11 ships of massive bullet hell.
Use your magic mouse to guide the ultimate ship and watch it destroy these big ships.

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Yup, I couldn't beat the HELL HARDER boss. :)

Oh my gosh

This was gorgeous! I could feel a good bit of work went into this, and I think my favorite boss was boss 9, the space invaders-like boss that comes closer and closer and you think he's really easy then BAM you get hit, but if you're patient.. Some of the bosses were ridiculous.. like the first boss I think was the hardest because there were like bullets everywhere and randomness was at the all-time high.. I'm not gonna comment on boss 11 because well, That'd give away spoilers in a game that you theoretically can't spoiler. I like the uninterrupted soundtrack. The only gripe I have is some of the laser / attacks overdo the beats in volume. As tradition it's usually the music that overpowers the sound effects, but it's also your game and I think it's done very efficiently as is. I'd name drop examples of the greats but that would lead a comment/discussion off topic so I'd leave it to the next commenter what they wanna do with it. You don't have to tell us how long it took, just let us assume you spent MONTHS on it honing your skills looking at wall... brandishing your weapon so it shines and looks pretty and stuff.

I love the rapid fire, and that there really is a thought and a trick to completing each boss as slightly different, the respawn is a good feature, and it doesn't make you restart completely over, but still punishes you severely and you can get respawned multiple times, no half a second of invincibility for you. This is a wonderful feature. I was really feeling the holiday spirit when I got up to level 11. Thanks for posting this.

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ghetto, your reviews are

ghetto, your reviews are great.

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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I love how you handle death

I love how you handle death by just respawning the ship and giving the boss back some health. Elegant. Reduces frustration of a lives/restart system without making big concessions to challenge.

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my ctrl alt delete got me out of there with no mouse.

But, I had a good time dying to the music and lots of spray objects!
My mouse got imprisoned in bullet hell and couldn't close the program. Very impress.