Durarik: Legend of the choice that isn't quite mattery

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In durarik, All things must follow the flow of Durarik

In part one, your ship is heavily guarded, but can it be guarded moreso? Can it be given?

In part two, can an oil lever take stars without exposions? can It be done?

In part 3, is one to decide to draw a face or move on? I've never been able to draw a face/ person, but you have the opportunity if you want. It's not a big opportunity but it's yours regardless. Take all the time you want with some interruptions and getting angry with random. SPACE will spam out choices endlessly as continuous left click spamming is not part of the klik n play suite.

In part 4 is a trainwreck in itself, as you are a train finding your stop, what would you do to set off your top? Do you move that ubiquitous oil spill or gather it into your heart? that's YOUR choice pilgrim. Pave the way for the rest of the people and either wait 7 seconds for the choice dialogue or press - MINUS.. you know, the button between 0 and =.

Have you ever wanted to compose AND play football at the same time? I haven't, you might have. How dare I take away that opportunity from you? Where are my space manners? I gotta put these shoes on so I can go freely to the wrench store.

Lastly, here is where the episodic adventures of Durarik Continue, but they don't... They simply live on in our hearts and loop for now. Will there be more? I cannot adore the idea, for It's just complete now and hasn't sunken into our boots.

Alternate controls... Left Click, - AXE QUESTION = NEXT FRAME Backspace LAST FRAME... or for more parsedness

Next Frame (=)
Previous Frame (Backspace)
Ask Question (-)
Main Control (Left Mouse Click)
Alternate Body Mode on Frame 3 (Space)

ENJOY As I try to embed.. Click on the file link if you don't wanna embed, or the Zip if you're a purist who can run such klik concoctions as is.

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Oh yeah I almost forgot.

Why don't I just edit the entry and move on? Because the description and embed is too much clutter as is! Hey, have you ever just wanted to Yeargh as well? I forgot I had that in there too! Don't scream and make your room mate feel scared, or your familia. Just press y and let it do the work. The evil QUestion and answer Object May interrupt but you've got the power, you can do it. You can fit a Yeargh between those 7 seconds when the dialogue pops up and simulates a pause on my flash embed or flash link. Keep up the good yeargh!

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minigamification of ghettflower??

IO like this a lot... at the worst it's a good excuse to have a ton of like write ups about nothing. I love write ups for games, they're a huge part of the culture here if you ask me. I want to make more things just to write more!