The Self Esteem of Viovis

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An old file I found a while back, barely remember compiling the thing together but here it is for posterity. Some of it's from earlier times, aka 5 years back. Some of it was recently put together, aka 2 months ago. Might have some almost cursing so if you're offended by about to curses, then you'll probably play it anyway and be offended by it, as I did by my own product. In any case, enjoy the screenshot if you don't want to go through the "adventure" and such. Take care

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I played the beta version

I played the beta version and loved it, so I'm glad you finally finished and released this. Good stuff.

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Not a "fan" of the rudeness... do you release ZZT games for soccer moms with that keyboard??

Pros: Abstract, ZZT, bird dude in one screen, I like quilts

CONS: some mean language, can be beaten too quickly

SOUND S: 2/10 (no innovation, most ly stock)
STORY: 5/10 (didn't like the cursing zones, the rest is cool)
HINDSIGHT IS: 20/20 vision



"Might have some almost cursing so if you're offended by about to curses" right up there in the title, along with the old me. There's no actual language, just almost, sort of when Brio The Palm Tree or whoever was trying to avoid the X rating in one of his flicks over some chainsaw, when the violence wasn't even shown. Naturally heed the warning, and note that it was an old unfinished flick. If I was to change everything, and I think I did change one or two things, it wouldn't have the same effect, and it wouldn't be an autobiographical zzt game, as that's what it is. It'd be "the vaseline covered screen with the self esteem of viovis flickering behind it" and it wouldn't make the same grade. "Some of it's from earlier times, aka 5 years back." Timestamped 2008, but it's got that 2005 flow to it. I'd like to think it's not how I was but a warning sign from the past me of what I'd become as that's what all dated/pieced manuscripts are of.

But regardless I appreciate the feedback, which in case, if this one's bad, I'll be sure to put a bigger disclaimer if I decide to be less picky about the one's I choose from the vault. I've been very choosy about which ones to put up. I chose some of the more light-hearted ones even though pool table had a very realistic portrayal of what goes on when you idle about in #teens. And in Ur Mom's Cheerios aka superugh I think I even filtered out a whole segment in the commentary track so there wasn't a social agenda. That one really is a covered screen, but it needed the touchup. It was amazing how a train could crash so hard with one track change. Though at the moment I'm sure it would need a dosbox+zzt in order to function right.

Hey Excitemike, move to request the notion of toilet world, err tile world (no offense to tileworld, it's an old phrase) and maybe dosbox to run zzt for .zzt files and superzzt for .szt files. Sure, let's just pick a random place to request a feature out of nowhere. But hey, if you've got a game you're working on do that instead. I thoroughly enjoyed Super Hoskins and Leguizamo Brothers redireeeect.