Ur Mom's Cheerios AKA Superugh

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This one's a trip down memory lane, and a little bit of a refurb from the older upload/zip. I think I took out some curses last year back in the day though there might still be some in the commentary track as this production inspired Feature Thinkers, the first extras production company that would think of things you could put in your game, like dvdrom features and the like. It even had a pirate kid as a logo and was the first known use of piratekid other than the classy wanted posters from 2001, so essentially an UG production from premordial times. This is sort of a landmark from that time and while potentially time may make it unkind, it is one of the first unofficial ug documents that predates the official ZZT ug even, which is #piratekid on irc.oftc.net . It may not be the most welcoming place and can't be held liable for people losing their sanity for joining, myself included, but it's the place to be if zzt is your thing. That is all, enjoy the title screen if nothing else.

-- Plenty of Interactive / Gameplay Boards
-- Feature thinker Extras, like for a dvd or something
-- Piratekid
-- Smiley Faces that always look up
-- Unnecessary violence towards animals
-- But Clean for the kids (I think?)

TAKE A PONCHO It's raining ug out there.

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