Yellow Jogger Man!

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Finally, finished working on this gem. And now, the successor of adrian09_01's Yellow Jogg(l)er: Ice-Cream Men Quest, it's named Yellow Jogger Man!

Story (this time more original):
Dr. Black has constructed 4 robot masters to invade Yellow Jogger's best personality: McDuckMan, JudgeMan, AlladinMan and AmazonMan, with invading the earth, he called Jesus to attack Yellow Jogger, will Yellow Jogger restore everything?

Arrow Keys: Run
Shift: Jump
Ctrl: Throw yellow balls

Approach 5 levels, 5 bosses and such crazy stuff.

NOTE: This game requires you the Emulogic font, shown on the attachments.

Made For: 
An event
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I don't really know if i'm ready for this

but I'm gonna hve to keep training!

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Lol, the training stage was

Lol, the training stage was actually a intro stage.
Yeah i played this game myself today and i'm mastered on it since i tested likely 5 times.

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Well, the biggest problem I'm having here is

Yes, I am able to defeat the first boss, aka scrooge man. but, I can't select any other stages. Right click only worked on that one stage. Is there some other secret way to open up the other stages I'm unaware of? and what happened to the old node and the motivating messages about how important is it to train? and the message about how hard it is to jump over rabid logs, I felt that was important too, but like so many things We have to push onward and remember this in our heart as a sense of amnesia has oversensationalized us but because db20's dictum is so strong I'm willing to give amnesty for this lost part of history, that we can rekindle and recreate while the burning flames of all of us and yellow jogger remain so strong.

But yeah, back to the question of how to select the stages, and is it nonlinear or is there a certain order?

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Same here. I can't access

Same here. I can't access the other stages.

Also: You made a reference to Ducktales NES but didn't even include the moon theme. How could you?

I still can't beat the first boss

but I feel fit

Your tenacity is strong

but like mine it potentially needs a slight bit of more training. I'm gonna keep training and Yellow Jogger will get stronger.

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Jesus is more powerful than

Jesus is more powerful than everyone...and you.


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Oh hey, it's Dr B

Yo B20, Yeah, with a Shepard he be strong. Scrooge strong too, but after scrooge, how do i select a new stage. You said you played through it. I'm right clicking and nothing's happening. I'd like to keep going, but if it's designed that way. The right click of false hopes and dreams, I respect that. I take what I can get, you know. If it is the case I have mastered yellow jogger man and can give off decent tactics on how to advance through it.

yeah how to go to the next stage

yeah is there something after the world map? cause i can't access it either

Okay, I'm not the only one here.

Dr B Two Zero, We've all been training really hard and just a little bit of guidance and edge would give us the beheld powers to not be strong enough and chant gibberish 20 more times for the next 5 real stages, presuming it's around 5. It's like I want to open up this chest of treasure again and experience it because it really brings out the true potential of the klik and I think there might be something we're missing here.

Maybe we're not prepared for the adventure but I'm pretty sure right click only works on that one level. I'm gonna keep training though to make yellow jogger proud even though I'm stuck in this game.



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Feature request:

Amazon man spinoff game.

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nope, there won't be

nope, there won't be one

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we couldn't click the world

we couldn't click the world map
and now you won't do the spinoff game
but we'll keep training
we'll keep training

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I can tell you how to access

I can tell you how to access a stage:
1. You can't see some locations but i can tell you where are all the 4 locations: (the one green is accessed when you have all beaten all stages marked with red)
2. Both mouse commands are used for the world map: Left-click lets you select and right-click lets you enter the stage you choosen.

I might not, or i might do the spin-off, depends.

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I've tried right-clicking on

I've tried right-clicking on those other locations and they didn't work. It only worked on Scrooge Man's stage.