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Race down a mountainside in a toboggan! Dodge trees and fly off of jumps. A nod to the early Windows game Ski-free.

Feedback about goals, powerups, obstacles,suitable game music, and general game design is appreciated.

Start the game at the title screen using "spacebar"
Use the arrow keys to rotate left and right.

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This is nice. I like this pixelated resolution, and also the color scheme.

Random Suggestions:
- use real life mountains photos instead of the "blue tiles" border (where you fall)
- use real photos of your winter holidays (or someone else's) somewhere in the game, for example when hitting a tree (you hit a tree in the game and BAM! displays real photo of you hitting a tree with your sledge back in 94!)
- obviously there should be some characters sitting on this sledge.
- you should make tiny jump each time you hit a small bump
- two players seat mode !!
- dialogs, maybe the snowmen speaking in small bubbles
- music should be various Mozart works for piano solo


ho I forgot to say controls and movement are very nicely done !

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great ideas!

Thanks for the feedback. I like your classical music idea. I also agree the blue tile borders need to go. I still haven't decided if I want to have sledge passengers though. Thanks again!

characters sitting

you're right, i'm not sure anymore the addition of passengers is so obvious