Prof. EagleEye 6

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Would you believe it? The Prof.'s story continues.
His death has been a shock to everyone,
but what happens now has never been seen before.

-The ultimate EagleEye experience: Now in 720p.
-Dayum, brotha - Will Smith after hearing the good news
-So many differences
-5 new dimensions, more than ever before!
-Everyone likes it
-Lush environments
-The start of a new journey

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An event


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Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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The revolution has begun.

The revolution has begun.

oh my gosh

This thing is gorgeous. I am so stuck on one of the levels.. The one with the tree. The one before is GORGEOUS.. I love how your levels flow. The colours are beauty/magnificent and I don't know if you're improving or it's just got a wonderful second look to them. I might need to go back to the first game and just simply GRIND and get powerful so I can handle this one. I remember 5 being really hard but doable. also the program crashes if you stop to respond to irc or switch a window so you have to start over. Needless to say I'm really good at that first 2 levels. the level 3 seems to be super tough to touch each time. But yeah, I love the flow. I'd say more dialogue but I always appreciate this forced flow like the storyline, it's like jasmine and jack on turbo mode. Thank you so much for making this. Passing the torch on and making a #6 just out of the blue, out of nowhere. I was actually thinking "wonder what they've been up to?" and BAM.. it hits hard. And any reason to see your arts.

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There's a walkthrough for all the people who aren't as good as the Prof. .
I don't know about the crashing, game maker studio is pretty buggy and fairly shit all things considered...the game icon doesn't work anymore either for some reason.
Might have to go back to game maker 8.

Oh I just remembered nobody cares

I didn't see the that one!!! Oh man and I

clicked on it to I click click Oh man.. Yeah, If I see more hopefully I'll get better at this. Congratulations on quite a.. . spoiler.. I never saw it coming. Many cheers, I love the new character.

and the program seems to be more stable in 7 for some reason.