When Knights Were Bold

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This ran way over 2 hrs in the making, but still, it's a friggin wreck.
CONTAINS some ADULT themes and JUVENILE humor. you have been warned!

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An event


I'm pretty sure Expensive: JACKIE won't mind

This is lovely. If you want a quick hotlink to the event http://exploitedchaos.com of course. It's got such a nice flow.

I'm glad you've not only posted to it but left some parts of it on topic. I can't be taken to get every ending today but it looks like some solid work went into it. the only suggestion I'd drop is a quick rinse in a typo smoocher but I have to say it should be overlooked with the work put in here. I like the story the bartender tells a lot, and the images are of beautiful, reflecting simpler time of video game adaptions of old table top rpgs. I'm thinking like bard's tale and the like, and still has this fresh feel like it's not been procured before.

It's got a lot coming from it and words can't really give it the justification the time spent on it because well, it's an experience to click on, get ready for. A good use of the medium. I'm surprised I didn't check this sooner, but yeah, you make good stuff. When the days come to days that have less obligations to fulfill in such short timings I'd be tempted to experience this one even more up close or check the archives and open up another one from the vault. GG.

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Serious thanks for your

Serious thanks for your feedback, it means a lot.
As a sort of personal game jam, I may not fix the typos, but will try to fix that for the future!

You should also consider an upload to the site of it

To prevent linkrot in the future, and for preservation, since it's a compelling tale. We should be asking you what kind of medium you're using for the art as well since it sticks out and is fresh, just in case you use something unique for it.

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the lines- any vector

the lines- any vector drawing program will do. i use an old wacom tablet for drawing. then separate the lines into a layer, gimp will do for that; and the colors are all layers. then some textures, from wherever textures roam free. so it's all spraypaint, erase, select, invert selection. it's more madness than method, I think.

Your games are very well done

I didn't know Twine could be used in a browser. Nice pics, I imagine
the text-gaming community frown upon pics in a story, but I like them.


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I'm really trying to get

I'm really trying to get frowns from the graphics community, who hate so much text. sooner or later someone will point out that COD is better.
*thank you for playing!!*

hey, it's not much but here's a special card.

I'm not sure why I chose to give you this one, but here it is.. you, you earned it. Not sure whether to embed it or lonk it...

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Ah, this is quite

Ah, this is quite delightful! Keep up the great Twine/picture stories :)

Also, don't sweat it about the 2hr time limit!! It's meant to be only self-imposed, by choice, to encourage people to get the ball rolling. Nothing wrong with going over two hours, even if you wanted to observe the time limit.