YOGO Submarines


Guys, this is just to let you know I did something for Ludum Dare 28.

This is a two-players (seated) game about submarines chases, invisible underwater mines and sonar detection.

YOU ONLY GET ONE EARSET FOR TWO so you have to share it.
(each player only get one earphone).

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My computer doesn't have

My computer doesn't have sound, I'm going to play this as soon as I get my soundcard fixed. 8-)

I thought it was incredibly inventive

and of course the fact that the screenshot/gamecap/title picture/whatever serves as directions ho how to go about how to pursue it. It looks a little more than that, and it looks like you went for the full challenge here. It's got everything a dare holder would want. London dared you hard but you double dared them back. You said oh yeah, I'll rais you two periscopes shared ad a pair of earbuds shared by the same 2 people, never mind where they're gonna sit, and leave the Louvre out of this or I'm gonna find that picture of the person holding that cool sword up and looking dangerous and it's gonna make you sad.

and dangit, And it appeased everyone. It gave them courage, and they liked looking at the ocean and its equivalent spyglasses staring up. You don't actually get to see them because they're probably really spiritual submarines that have like nice hubcaps that spin around automatically among other things. Tinted windows, probably some cool pirate logo or generic country logo. You could put like a little colorbook tool in there so you can like uhh.. paste some sweet designs on the subs that we won't see lol. But yeah, this seriously blends in but knowing who it came from without knowing who it came from makes it all the better.

It's sorta like when I first checked out the selfie psycho bathroom killer and even saw messages in the irc channel of a new user i hadn't seen, and BAM it was the same person who paved the way of the infamous whimsical series, being that it's made by the only person who took the challenge to make a snacking hound and make it a genre. One that may hopefully see more mediums, I like both sides though, and giving them a try.

Uhh, I'm not gonna say the obvious because you've got comments like that one but ditto and ditto, you've apeased the darees and dared em back, hard. It hit them really realistically and they felt like they had serious impact in the development in your game that you just blitzed up out of nowhere and surprised us all with.

And back to the picture focus, it's like that classic picture of the vase where it asks you what you see, and most people say a vase but some say it's two faces, but maybe it's the other way around. But where's the vase here? I mean, most people would PRESUME that you see two faces and earbuds, like the two people chillin looking at entries that got surprised when they saw the screencap and were like "hey, that could be us" because I looked through some of the feedback. But back to the matter at hand.. It could also very well be an M with a green ear of corn asking the m to be a C so they could be MCs. OR, ... bear with me, OR it could be a lounge with two people-shaped pillows to CONFUSE the player to make us think they're people silhouettes but in reality they're couch people-like shapement.

Err, that's all I've got. Keep up the good work


Yeah, what a comment you wrote, it's worth doing Ludum Dare just to receive this comment.

I know, I do very different stuff and it's odd to me as well. I guess I'm not much interested in developing a personal style.
I'd rather do unique pieces, each with its own meaning/themes/purposes, and the more I do, the more you can see patterns in them and how they would connect and make new sense as nodes in a network, but it's still very early, I haven't made so much, so it just feels like my different projects are done by different people and not by me

Oy, and yhou get one too

I was making this one and I decided this one is good, I hope it's good enough, for chistmas. where is the louvre anyway?

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I've been away from the

I've been away from the internet for some weeks so I'm not sure if this is part of one of your recent projects on this website or anything but I like it ! Thank you !