Robot Factory

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doodled the graphics while listening to the song

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Robot factory is beautiful

and delivers a punch right from the beginning. It's not to be mixed up with Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory, one of the first level editors i've touched, but has merits of itself. It has good twists, and is short, easily consumed, right to the point... the last frame's done a bit quick, and the third to last frame doesn't always yield the same result depending on how quick you're "moving right" but all in the same it's well done colorful adventure.

Immediately I was comparing it to Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory, so expetactions were high but they worked. It's worked out really well. There aren't any actual similarities other than conveyor belts, but that's what you expect in a robot factory. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed and of course the art and use of the bright colors in the dark background always complements it, so I place my compliment there for that. It feels nice and complete. 200,000 stars!

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I like how subtle the

I like how subtle the interactions are in this one, figuring out what things do is a puzzle... you know, moreso than your games usually are.