A Very Lilinx.com Xmas


wuuurrlllll, it's thee thought that counts...?
klikmas secret santa for lilinx.com~ merry xmas!

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well why do you say sorry.

well why do you say sorry. This is awesome. Once again, thecatamites DELIVER. This lilinxcom christmas starts right in the middle of the action so grab your CGA gun because you may have to shoot and don't spend too much time admiring these CGA sprites leeched from somewhere else cause you know they were not originally designed by thecamites because what's designed by thecatamites is DONE WITH MARKERS ON PAPER. Mickey Mouse is imported too wow. You've asked for POLITICS and COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT and you know you're going for the ride of your life with the copyright cops on this CGA highway and listening to some pirated illegaly downloaded Lou Reed song! AWESOME! And just because I've asked for it, below that we get these awesome fake Montaigne quotes so we've got the thrill of the copyright cop car chase and at the same time we can stop and wonder who the quotes come from!!! Re-attributed fake quotes are one of my FAVOURITE !! Not to mention the CGA brain floating in its CGA liquid! And then we learn that the whole story had some other meaning wowowowow thank you so much happy christmas !!!

still waiting for this

still waiting for this christmas family lunch so I would like to come back to this and go on with my comment because hey, it's not everyday someone makes a game with the URL of your website AND the word Xmas in the title of the game. So extra to this CGA action-packed copyright-infrigement themed chase with quotes re-attributed to Montaigne displayed below the action (and this sounds like a DREAM already) I can see there are some other things I asked for there, some foreign languages words, and some reference to boats and the ocean with moby dick, and death is there too. Hey I'm so happy. And the whole thing covered with some irony because we're videogamemakers after all so we know how to make fun of serious things. Also you can see that thecatamites still show some respect to Montaigne because he apologizes (not sure about the French culture but whatever) Last time I had so much pleasure with a four color CGA game that was a game called ITALY 1990 and it was a football game where you would win the world cup with the brazil team. But I would say, "a very lilinx.com xmas" is better.

An awesome hearty laugh with

An awesome hearty laugh with this, thecatamites! I'm a big fan of Lou Reed. ;)

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My computer doesn't have

My computer doesn't have audio but I could hear the Lou Read.

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yes i love louie led

yes i love louie led zeppelin too

goddammit this is still the

goddammit this is still the best videogame