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TO: Flavius Maximus
FROM: let-off studios

I built a platformer adventure for you. Hope you like it! If you'd like a Flash app version, just let me know and I'll do my best to come up with one for you. But this release is currently a standalone EXE version.

Anyone with feedback, please let me know. This is like my first honest attempt at a platformer, and definitely my first attempt at using the Platform Movement Object/PMO with Multimedia Fusion 2.

This game has grown a lot since it's been first posted here! For a full change-log, reference the README.txt file in the downloadable archive.

Hope everyone makes the most of the New Year. :D

let-off studios
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Fun game! I love the

Fun game! I love the different tools to collect lol. That sunrise mode thing is impossible for me though, I wasn't even close to finishing it in time.

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Sunrise Mode

Yeah, you really have to bust your ass to finish it in time. :)

When I complete the game, I'll have a secret code that is unlocked when a player beats all the different game modes in a single sitting, and the first person to report the secret code to me will win a prize. :)

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Current feature?

Is this feature currently supported?
I'd try for the prize.

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@ Lynx: go to the menu option "secret stuff" and you will see the criteria.

When you complete a game mode successfully, you should see an "OK!" icon next to its entry in the main menu. When all four game modes have the icon, check back on the "secret stuff" screen.

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dang I love the item victory screens!

Ah, this is cool! Certainly a good first platformer :) The only thing that really bugged me was that you can't reset a gem's platforms until it stops spinning. It's a bit annoying having to wait for them to stop spinning to be able to fully reset the timer 'cause it's not really possible to predict when the platforms it controls are going to fade out into nothingness.

Also, the first time I played some walls and platforms would totally dissapear when I moved around in certain sections. I'm not sure what was up with that? It seemed to happen more often when I died a lot. The last level became impossible because one of the platforms would dissapear if I jumped towards it, but it didn't happen again at all when I restarted it. Weird bug!!

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Disappearing Platforms

Glad to hear you like the cutscenes and stuff. Yeah, it was my first attempt at using the PMO, so I learned a tremendous deal while making it.

Regarding the timers: heheheh...Well I wanted to leave at least some challenge, in particular with the Sunrise Mode. Familiarity will allow you to generally ascertain the amount of time you have. If you're an ace at it, you can finish the entire 8 levels in less than 5 minutes or so. Definitely under 10. Knowing the timing of the vanishing platforms is key to this (well, exact jumping is more crucial, but I hope you know what I mean).

Regarding the disappearing stuff: it's a visual bug related to using the "Fade In" transition for game frames. Oddly enough, the platforms and backdrops are still there and it's simply that they're not visible. I've since fixed it. If you're very interested, I'll be uploading it and the new version will be available in about 10 minutes. I'll also update the description to confirm the upload.

Thanks again for the feedback! I'll be posting a "full version" with the other two game modes in the next couple days (as I've a weekend to work on it now), so you can have a go at those as well.

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Hmm, well I understand where

Hmm, well I understand where you're coming from with the challenge, it's just not something I personally like. To each creator their own way :)

I'm glad the disappearing stuff was an easy fix! I'll have to remember that for if I ever mix in fade ins with platforming!

I'll try to keep posted for the updated version too- I'm a bit hype for what the new game modes could be, especially since you put them crossed out in the main menu :o

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Update is in!

Gift Giving Mode rewards those who pay attention, while Jump Adventure mode rewards those with jump skillz.

Have fun, everyone! :D

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You should really add a retry function, it's pretty much pointless to keep going if you make the slightest mistake..

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@ mno: For all levels, I've implemented flickering platforms when they're close to disappearing.

@ wertpol: I've also added an exit button for all levels. Press the ESC key to immediately go back to the Main Menu.

THANK YOU to everyone who has offered feedback. This has been an excellent experience, and I've learned a lot.

Hope everyone enjoying the game! :)

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PMO success

The Platform Mover Object is a powerful tool and I think you did great. I like the huge icicle/stalactite. When it fell I said out loud. "Oh crap"
It was so big i didn't expect it to fall. Great work on the cutscenes with the different gnomes. It's altogether enjoyable and well done.

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Thanks for the kudos, Lynx.

Thanks for the kudos, Lynx. :D

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I liked how the sunrise mode

I liked how the sunrise mode was for all of the levels rather than for each individual level. I wish it were represented some other way visually though. Fun game!

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I was contemplating

I was contemplating implementing some sort of sundial thing, or maybe an old-skool moon-to-sun watch-face type graphic, but that was all too involved for my tastes. I've been in a serious push to put this game to bed and kick out as many bugs as you all could find, instead of making my job more challenging. But there's always room for a sequel, eh? :)

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A tale of horror

The Jump Adventure one doesn't work, I collected everything and got all the way to the top and I still don't have an OK on the main screen, so I can't access the secret stuff even though I've beaten everything D:

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I've updated once again, double-checking and making completely sure that the player will be granted the green "OK!" mark on the title screen once the Jump Adventure mode is beaten. The only think I can think would mess it up is if you are hung up on the High Score screen, needing to enter your name/initials, and you somehow skip past that part. If the screen appears frozen (look at the little gnome at the bottom edge of the High Score frame, and he should be walking), then minimize the screen, alt-Tab, or something to go to the popup window where you enter your name, and put something in there.

I don't know what else to do about that. I tested it a bunch of times myself, and it seems to work fine for me. :(

Latest update is dated 30 December, 9:33pm.

Also, I'm happy to hear someone's beaten everything! I was starting to worry...

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Late feedback

Absolutely awesome little game. Hard as nails, but hell fun to play! loved the little gnome feel within the game and the smooth platform movement. The classic mode is easy fun but the Jump & Sunrise mode will push every gamer's platforming skills to the limit (I haven't beaten sunrise mode yet but i'm doing my best)

Also i'm in love with that little crystal sound effect (when you sprinkle gnome dust at it). I'm also willing to finish ghettowreath's game (I didn't give up nor i am running away from it)

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Happy you had a chance to

Happy you had a chance to play it, FlaviusMaximus! Keep at it and you'll win the secret before you know it. :)

As for the sound effects: YOU TOO CAN MAKE AWESOME 8-BIT NOISES! Try out BFXR if you've not already. It's a fantastic little tool.

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Update 1 - 2014

I've updated this little game with a couple custom-designed levels for Wertpol. You can play them via the main menu under the option "Special Stages."

Enjoy! :)