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Happy Christmas mno!
I tried to put in this game everything you asked for.

If you want the constant quiet noisy dirty sound to be LOUD, push up your speakers' volume.
You get 360° rotations instead of 180° rotations, I thought it would be fine.
The game seems to run fine even on older computers it's still resource-consuming let me know if you have trouble running it!

And most of it, happy christmas !

Controls : arrows & space

PS : you can't use the golden bubble gum in the game, so just keep it like the most awesome permanent GOTY golden bubble gum award you deserve for your work.

Made For: 
An event


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Is that the use of

Is that the use of corrupt.exe I see?

No, to make the glitches I

No, to make the glitches I used these two online image glitchers :
Image Glitcher

Glitch Cutscenes were created by randomly switching between "normal" animation and "glitched" animation (every frame is glitched with the generators linked above), so they look less repetitive. There are some mirroring effects too. And the glitching "sound" is played continuously, only muted and unmuted when switching to glitched-animation so it's also not repeating itself. It was really fun making up this little system, although it's probably a mess in terms of memory use.

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This game was so adorable and thoughtful (though it wasn't for me). The soundscape reminded me of being back in my old hometown of Baltimore. I used to cross paths with a bunch of experimental/noise artists back in the day.

Hope everyone's having an enjoyable holiday. :)

Thanks :) I made the small

Thanks :) I made the small music loops myself with bosca ceoil, except this one I downloaded on freesound. One of them (from the first cutscene) is mixed with the audio of this Ana Karina scene, but played backwards.
I really had a blast making this game.

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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

The use of bubblegum was really apparent

And I liked it it's sort of like an inverted way to get things going. The cutscenes look like those oldschool files you'd see if you were on the archive. It's almost like you feel connected to the glitch. It's all very shiny and the best part is it has the medium you're most comfortable with but it has that whimsical feel to it in that it's strategically planned but doesn't go out of its way to conform with what you'd expect in an adventure, but it doesn't go out of its way to be outside that either.

This was all and all a good choice of palette too.. I haven't tested it on my older machine but I'd reckon it wouldn't be too happy with it but if you'd like I'll take an attempt. I kinda gave the extended monitors to the new thing. The tracks were excellent though. It was very fluid and I enjoyed the progression. I liked the part when I went back and reflected on earlier times and then realized wait a second, that's not me, but it was the in the reach holds of good storytelling. Great work.