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play this music while playing the game
Happy Holidays!

Read those instructions by the way!

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An event


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Edit: Never mind.

Edit: Never mind.

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lol what I'm so confused

that's the most alarming comment

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Sorry for the alarm! I made

Sorry for the alarm! I made the post because I wanted you to list who was the recipient of this game, but then I remembered that you weren't in the drawing.

My bad.

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This is so sweet :D I hope

This is so sweet :D I hope your grandmother enjoys it! Here's my tree:

I messed up using the plane and the spiderman so they don't appear on it :(

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I like your tree!

Thanks! You messed them up?

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Yeah... when I added them I

Yeah... when I added them I accidentally added multiple :( When I tried to remove them to replace the /one/ I was supposed to use, the game wouldn't let me put another down for some reason!

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Huh! I wonder why it let you

Huh! I wonder why it let you create more than one. I made it so the two objects you only have one of have a score attached to them. Whenever you place an object it goes to 1 and when you subtract it goes to 0 and whenever your score is 0 you can place one. How would you have coded it?

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You have two seperate scores

You have two seperate scores being used, on two different 'players'? I probably would have done player 1's lives and score for simplicity! I have not used old school Klik'N'Play in ages though, so I am not sure what events it has or does not have... if I was to think of it now, I would say to check for any of the object existing before trying to place a new one! KNP has a couple of quirks- but I'm guessing this bug does not at all occur for you!

Super Cute!

This was adorable!

It's always interesting to hear or learn about other families' holiday traditions. Hope you had an enjoyable time, even if away from your family.

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It was good. There was a

It was good. There was a Japanese restaurant open so I went with a friend as they played Christmas music and then switched to some cold hard techno.