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Merry Christmas, netgrind! Sorry it's late. It's kind of ironic, really, because this is a game about delivering presents on time!

This game needs shader support to run (specifically, GLSL 1.20). Hope that won't be an issue!

Christmas is almost here, but everyone is all drunk and hungover from the Christmas Eve Eve Party that happened last night! Can Santa deliver his gifts before Christmas morning?

This game is split into three parts:

Level 1: Santa.Slide: Help guide Santa around his house to retrieve the missing pieces of his naughty/nice list! He can only move into a straight line until hitting something!
Level 2: Superdrive: Power up Santa's sleigh! Calibrate the visual so that the left half matches the right half!
Level 3: SSSanta: Deliver presents to the correct houses before morning comes! Just remember that you can only turn counter-clockwise! Watch out for those magic mushrooms!

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Okay, I discovered a display

Okay, I discovered a display bug with the mushroom effect. The offset is wrong if you aren't running the game at exactly 1280x720. Fix upcoming.

Also will be nerfing Level 3's difficulty in general.

Edit: New version uploaded!
Edit 2: Fixed Linux launcher and dumb bug.

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Oh man...Whenever I see instructions like "Avoid(?)..." it always makes me want to do the thing the instructions discourage you from doing.

I was working in the kitchen while playing, and saw the sleigh's engine afterimage in a pot of beans. Talk about an altered state...! :D

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It looks like there are

It looks like there are still lingering display issues. I've created a new issue on the LOVE bugtracker:

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Ahh, I love the shader

Ahh, I love the shader levels!! If anybody has issues with those: fullscreen is much easier to figure out :)

The last level gets pretty intense... but I did it :o

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Wow. This is such an amazing

Wow. This is such an amazing gift :3
Thank you so much! I loved the sliding puzzles you made, the matching puzzle was so beautiful and the snake was a nice spin with the level shrinking that way and had awesome visuals.
I feel at a loss for words. Such a huge grin on my face right now.

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Happy to see you enjoyed it!

Happy to see you enjoyed it! :)

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Level two was my favorite.

Level two was my favorite. Such pretty patterns!