Space World: Around the World! (for let-off-studios)

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Space World!: Around the World

Introducing a new adventure series that will make you think twice about the way you interact with your world. The adventures will shed light into your life and inspire you to pursue health and happiness. You'll learn how to lead a life that is good for you, your community, and the earth.

The adventures and the guest adventurers will be chosen by the ShenglyLong. The first adventure will be in Space World: Around the World! and it could by you joining! Visit ShenglyLong for details and to apply

This Shoot-em-up Was Developed In Canada, But You Probably Can't Tell · Defend Your Undies In Some Yeti on Furry Action · The Feel Of ...

This shoot em’ up won over the hearts of many during its original 80′s console release,rty and its back to help you remember the good old days. Its just the way you remember it, and its just as challenging. Do you have what it takes?

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Gripping, mind blowing.

Gripping, mind blowing. Intense. From the write up to the PDF to the exe, this is a classic already. The gyrostability drive is the greatest feature of 2013- get pushed off the screen?? No problem!!!

BIG Thank You!!!

Consider me a new life-long customer of Shengly Long. :D

Seriously, the music kicks ass. And it's like I'm fighting the original Megatron in the first level. It's all fantastic! It was fun to beat it.

so this is the powerup leftup game thing that's been going on

If this is a debut, it's a nice one. My only gripe is that it's tough and I can't seem to surpass the second stage's boss. I do like that it's a horizontal space scroller and does right right to left, another staple that's not commonly done, I saw smedis do it in some game I commented on recently. But yeah, this is different. The tracks are nice. We can all move to the beat of em. I like hearing well compiled midis, but I keep getting stuck starting over after level 2, but I am really good at the level 1s. I'm not the smertest book in the page, I was also expecting a tgf or knp but looks like you've gone a generation or three up from there. I'd welcome a video gameplay demo if one's provided by someone more experienced as this is something I have yet to master, but yeah, congratulations to both desheng and leftoff and those who helped with the product, This is some solid work and great job.


Yeah, I agree that the pterodactyls are quite difficult. They'll sneak up against your right side if you let them past you, so keep on them as best you can. And the "error" enemies are strictly timing based. It makes me think of "the perfect blueprint to a good horror movie." In those, there are all sorts of little things that, taken on their own, are no real problem and the characters can move on past them if addressed singly. However, once all those little things pile up simultaneously and/or are allowed to fester, then the characters realize they're in over their head and the real horror begins.

Persevere, ghettowreath! You can do it! You can beat Internet Explorer! :D