Santa's Lil' Helper

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Just a very short Viovisian/Ghettoflowerian/bc_ian ZZT Christmas game I decided to put together. Released on January 7 due to < strike >laziness< /strike> this being Russian Christmas (December 25 by the Julian calendar.)

This also functions as a pseudo-tech demo of some neat new ZZT tricks that may or may not have ever been used before by anybody. All of them were achieved via changing various object stats in Kev-Edit to see if anything cool would happen.

Just as a warning, the endgame board is designed to crash after less than 10 seconds of you being on it via stat-edited bullets flying into the menu. This is not a bug, and simply how I decided to end this game.

Dedicated to Ghettoflower/Ghettowreath/Viovis/bc_/cbigbc in honour of his creating the entire style this and many other games of mine < strike >ripped off< /strike> were inspired by, as well as all the ZZT help he has given me over the years.

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This is great christmas cheer!

Exaclty what we needed... and it's still legally christmas cause of that calendar and all! Very bc__, I dig it, d00d! Some great screens... the toaster pastry eating one is one of my favs. The last screen unfortunately crashed, in Lyon, before any of it even loaded so I didn't get to see it happening :(

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

BC_ just told me that he crashed out in Lyon right after the toaster pastries board, so it seems Lyon can't handle bullets/blinkwalls that noclip/go out of bounds. Not sure if you can get to the end of the game at all with Lyon, so it looks like I'll have to make a patched version for it. :/

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Ohh, hmm. What program do

Ohh, hmm. What program do you use for it, then? If it works for you with something, I might as well use that something!

The original ZZT DOS

The original ZZT DOS executable, which can be found here. Unfortunately you'll need DOSBox to run That though unless you use 32 bit Windows.

joining eat front is important

it's sorta of like leaving feedback but. One thing I liked a lot about it was obviously the innovative engine that taught us the importance of well, not wearing spoiler because you gotta be on call at all times. When you're reminding the guy that he's supposed to not be among the living, and the other guy that's like not me d00d, it's like a cue straight from one of my picture books. There's a good degree of interactivity, and some serious festiveness. I'm surprised at the quality this has outputted and going through each and every length and going through every little bit would just hinder it for others. But yeah, I enjoyed this one a lot, and I have to give kudos where it's deserved.

The stuff on the very end, I don't know how to place it.. at one point after viewing it in dosbox (i had to dos the box for it excitemike?) I dunno, at one point I got a tripped out high score list and a good ol manual exit to the menu and my oldschool register now because i use an unregistered copy of zzt for that classic guilt screen that I should probably place up here for posterity. The second time I played it after the cool animation it froze up. I dunno. I think it as well as potentially the release I just played captures the initial charm of the program, and what it was meant for. Threw in a crt filter on it so you can rekindle the heed on a screen that was deemed once less stabley. And yeah, that screen happened to be extremely well crafted marketing and only great things persisted for that young developer in the future.

It's sort of like that time I was in a box, and didn't want to leave it because those animals that scare away the squirrels were out there and i dunno, i didn't wanna wish ill ways to them because they were doing their part, but as one time travels you must follow yom's lead and smuggle yourself in a cardboard box to do your part because it's really important for scientific research.

Countergift whaddup, not sure which one, I've still got tons and I'm not gonna get done handing out cuz I made more than I can disperse, here's a couple. I can't remember which ones got spread and which ones are still supposed to be dead, so take this quilt and warm yourself by the fire even though you hate doing that so like pretend and stuff.

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Thanks a lot mate! Yeah the

Thanks a lot mate! Yeah the Dead Guy part was inspired by PPDV1's story book part. The whole coroner sequence was a nod/ripoff of the HOW TO BECOME A MURDERER board in PPDV2 so it seemed fitting.

Sorry to hear about it locking up for you at the end in DOSBox. I forgot to mention that in DOSBox at least it will simply lock up instead of crashing. I used real DOS (Windows 98) for all of the develoment and there it simply CTDs. Gave me a cool, garbled ANSI ingame pop up the very first time I went to the end board too, although sadly I have not been able to replicate that again.

And thanks a lot for the countergifts. That is one groovy looking pine tree! :)

I got that same one, I've been trying to recreate it

you know, for like posterity and the like, but No such luck. I'm sure someone else will see it but it'll have to remain an urban legend for now.