Olson's Journey 3

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Where has Olson been? We don't know, except we do.
He was in an elevator, going up up up.
Was that his destination? I highly doubt it.

-Incredibly small game file
-Animations that blend in perfectly
-Men who are in the way
-Bus stop deprivation
-7 out of 4 people say it's good
-Olson is a wonderful fellow

Made For: 
An event


holy mother expletive..

This... this... this this this... I havne't played it... no.. but... I am looking at it now, just now.. Just knowing it's there, that's a dream come true... I have alaways wanted this... I wasn't smart enough to complete the second one, I'll admit, but just the fact it's there, so raw, so real... I don't even know what's inside and I'm just gonna go ahead and recommend it to everyone. Here, it's not much, but I figure you probably don't want a big one since you were already the recipient of one, but yeah, Santar Mania. You will be teh first recipient of a belated one, but only because I made so much and tried to pass them all out in one night, and well, guess what? I'm not Santa.. Santa's the real deal. Ded Moroz might even be cooler. for all we know right now they're hanging out together sippin green tea demons and just cruising around... planning the next year. It kinda hurts to think about since I've had it on my brain for so long and it's like overkill, but yeah..

This is work here that delivers.. I deliver full endorsement and after clicking send I'm gonna be like OH MY GOOODNESS LOOK AT THIS HERE LINK and I'm gonna share it. Will people check it out? I dunno, but you should feel proud. This isn't your usual run of the mill train wreck. You got down and dirty and did it without dousing yourself in self pity. Or who knows, maybe you did. Man, I'd ask for more, but you know you'll get that from others, and we know what you had to do to make this come to life, so bask in the moment, I hope it lasts a little for you. You don't get to enjoy it enough and I have actually got you listed as the one of the people here with the most. as a fan of sumo, If this was that and I was in the committee, I'd give you Ginō-shō (技能賞) for technique.

This is driving on an on a bit long so I click SEND and keep up the good work!

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Lol thanks, too bad you

Lol thanks, too bad you couldn't finish the second one, it's really difficult for me to tell how hard these are to complete when thinking of the puzzles and stuff. This was probably the worst time I've ever had making a game lol...
Thank you for another of the amazing card things, I will be using it to calm myself down when I'm on fire or something

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Aww, I love these hand made

Aww, I love these hand made games! They're delightful. Although with this turn of events, I'm not sure if I want to keep rooting for this Olson fella!

fheioh lIEHOHE

okay how i be get jump to that next part thing, i can interact with map, changerthing, and d00d

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I liked it! Cute use of

I liked it! Cute use of curvy paper bridges. The main power rerouting puzzles took a lot of back and forth to understand, but made a sort of internal sense by the end.

(And oh my, I don't know how Olson can keep on smiling after seeing *SPOILER*.)