Arthur's Dream of the Dragon and the Bear

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A simple Twine conversion of an evocative scene. The text I used is a modern translation, by one Brian Stone, of a poem dating from about 1400. There's plenty more information available under 'about the authors' for those curious! Fun bonus for GT: my official node map!

2017 Update: because Dropbox has refused to host web pages (which Twine games are), I've had to replace the link with a download. Oh well.

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ooh, I like how the

ooh, I like how the hypertext emphasizes certain words or phrases, gives a sense of pacing to the work. it's almost like a translation of a spoken performance.

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oh! I never saw this comment

oh! I never saw this comment before. I like to reply to everyone!!

I'm glad you liked it so much for that :) That was my goal, so I'm quite pleased as a peach that I did so good at it!!