For Lynx: Don't Shoot

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Ho ho oh god it's more than halfway through January


You gave me some difficult criteria! Like, "not stupid"! And "Depth"! Those are things I don't normally attempt, but this game turned out really good anyway!

Don't Shoot is an arena shooter where instead of shooting, you run into enemies to destroy them! Sometimes the enemies shoot at you but YOU CAN RUN HEADFIRST INTO THEIR BULLETS AND GET POINTS RAAAR FUCK YOOUUUUU BULLETS

Kill lots of stuff really fast without dying and your multiplier goes up! Complete all four waves and the game loops over, harder, and the multiplier MULTIPLIES! (I have yet to actually complete all four waves but I've gotten close!)

Sound effects courtesy of my son Eric, age 6. He insisted.

I finished this game like a week or two ago but I've been stuck on deciding what music to put in, and finally I decided that you should listen to your own music while you play. It's a feature!

If you want, you can edit the levels by messing around with waves.csv! Make the game vastly easier, or thrust yourself into a punishing, treacherous hellscape of your own devising! The choice is yours! The order of the columns is:
level name, max pursuers, max exploders, max orange circle fuckers (seriously fuck those guys), game ticks

Jeremy Penner
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Love it!

Thanks SpindlyQ! It's great. I really appreciate that some of the sound effects were done by your son. I told my daughters and they said, "Really!? That's what we did too." They loved it. I am a firm believer in simplicity and you pulled it off nicely. Merry Christmas!

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Made it to wave 3. Wave 1

Made it to wave 3. Wave 1 feels so long!

I know a few arena shmups where the ideal strategy is to always be firing in the direction you're moving, so I like how the forward shield is an alternate way to bring about that play style. Amazing SFX.