My Smoking Addiction

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I am having a rough time quitting cigarettes.
Click SMOKE to give in to the urge to SMOKE.
Click DON'T SMOKE to choose not to right now and stay an non smoking ex smoker. You will have to make this choice. You can smoke again any time.
This is your last pack. You thought that last time.
One puff and you'll be SMOKING!

Click smoke until frustrated enough, then click WALK AWAY to break the game.

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I enjoyed this a lot. My

I enjoyed this a lot. My girlfriend struggles with her smoking addiction, and as I played your game revisited several of the reasons she cites as reasons to keep doing it despite the obvious health concerns...She needs it to feel regular, to relieve stress, to go with coffee for her breakfast, to give her a break, to help her go to the bathroom. The rationalizations all come back to escaping that inarticulable, completely manufactured feeling of deprivation.

Nice work! I think your game brought me into the smoker's mind much better than any other explanation I've encountered. Simple words against simple logic. There's a lot to be read within a game like this one.

yeah, i couldn't have said it better

though i tried to say it early, and thought I left a comment but it was a PHANTOM COMMENT because it's mia because i never clicked send, happens to so many of my comments. But I persevere and write it again. I thought the skull and music and overall performance of the object was what brought me in, but everything memorial day guy says is right, there's a certain flow to it and i like how it's so simply presented to itself, like it's just a BAM you're there. It gives off an excessive force without going out of its way to present its presence overbearingly. Great work, and good analysis.

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Manufactured Feelings. Totally.

Thanks for the feedback! I like how you derived insight into a state of mind that can be difficult to relate to. Goal accomplished!

good game i like how the

good game i like how the screen get filled with oppressive text at the end and I find the music to be very appropriate

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music nice / text a lot

Thank you. I felt the only way out of the simulation is to become overwhelmed with frustration, then act on the feeling by breaking/leaving the loop of smoking choices. In reality, I can't escape these two choices and I have to keep making them over and over. The music keeps you remembering that you have a rising feeling of desire to face and work with. It will come and go forever.