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A game for four players that uses four keys.

Disclaimer: this game does not cost $13.

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An event


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Oh yeah, that was definitely

Oh yeah, that was definitely another inspiration (though not a totally conscious one).

I enjoyed the Joust-like

I enjoyed the Joust-like mechanics in this one, which can lead to some surprising victories. It's simple, yet captivating.

A high-score table/victory tally would make this excellent for parties. And imagine if it really was four vacuum cleaners rolling around...What other game/scoring mechanics could you include with this game?

Nice work, sergiocornaga! It definitely started me thinking on new game ideas.

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Thanks for playing!

When Noyb mentioned Chirotorie, I assume he was referring not only to the actual vacuum cleaner, but the Chiritorie Vs. minigame from WarioWare, Inc. as well. The mechanics are basically identical, but it has vacuum cleaner inspired scoring like you mentioned, so I thought you might not be aware of it.

I'd never actually seen a real Chirotorie before Noyb brought it up, though, so I was fascinated to see that they too control almost identically.

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I wish I had friends to play

I wish I had friends to play this with.

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I faced a similar dilemma

I faced a similar dilemma immediately after making it, and had to forcibly display it at a local gamedev meetup a week later to determine whether it was playable at all.

I will look into creating a version with online multiplayer later this year (I may not be successful).