Not Able At This Time: Klik N Play

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Oh woah, woe, I wish I could play all the nice Klik N Play Games here. I very wish I could make them Klikers. My PC is unable to do it at this time. Instead, I am learning to use Construct2 Free Edition. Browser based games, I will play and make them. Talk about them too!


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If there's anything in

If there's anything in particular you really want to try, a number of us here have copies of Multimedia Fusion and thus can convert Klik & Play games to run on modern PCs. Also, make sure to give glorioustrainwrecks.exe a try; it comes bundled with an emulated copy of Windows 3.1 :)

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EXE thing is COOL and FAST

Thank you! After a quick test, most of the time, the games work! It's easy n fun to run random games! Some things that open in dosbox do not work, but I have less excuses and entry barriers at this time. Can do more play testing now...

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We don't use Klik & Play now

We don't use Klik & Play now as much as we used to.