legit now whoo hoo

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Sup trainwreckers!!!

I finally went legit. I don't work for the man anymore, I'm freelancing full time now yaaaaaay. I design wordpress templates for my friends that are complete noobs to web publishing, publish books and comix, transcribe audio files, and crank out video games. Not bad for a Jill of All Trades :D

My laptop died so I bought the same model from a friend and had to upgrade the hard drive and OS, so whooo hooo, I'm in business. 500GB and Win7 wheeee!

I wish Win7 wouldn't be so finicky and let me noodle around with Klik and Play.

Clickteam sent an email yesterday about Multimedia Fusion 2.5 dev version and if I were to buy that and all the modules and go legit, it'll be nearly $1000. WHAT

I use App Game Kit to make android apps, but it's not fun, it's a freaking headache.

When I want to quell the urge to break my laptop, I go to my room, fire up the ol' Win 3.1 machine and play with KNP/TGF.

I miss those old days.


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Ah yes, I do kind of miss

Ah yes, I do kind of miss the lazy days of using TGF to make silly games. Years ago I didn't have to put quite so much effort into something just to have a playable result. This was pretty much the driving force behind Motocross TGF and Yoshi Does Drugs. I feel like if I weren't caught up in all these other more serious projects I'd be making more goofy TGF games, especially Yoshi-themed TGF games.